The company has as a fundamental principle to maintain and protect the company's ethical standards in accordance with its current values and regulations, which allows building honest, solid and reliable relationships among its employees, as well as with all those related to the company. Therefore, the company offers its collaborators, directors, executives, shareholders, customers, suppliers, contractors, consultants and third parties related to this simple and secure reporting channel, which guarantees the anonymity of the complainant and the confidentiality of the information received. In this way, our commitment is that all complaints received through this channel are treated and investigated in accordance with current legislation.

The whistleblower channel is technically managed by ALTO Trust (Grupo ALTO), which, as a specialist in the field, guarantees the most complete confidentiality and security for the whistleblower.

We invite you to read the privacy conditions

Finally, we appreciate your company's commitment and cooperation with the fulfillment of the corporate values and principles established in the Code of Ethics , which allow us to strengthen our organizational culture every day